We proudly provide payment processing services and solutions US based businesses. We can also provide gateway services to Canadian based businesses that bring their own CCMA (credit card merchant account) if on a supported processing backend.

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Solutions for Every Industry

Our payment processing services can be full service or mix and match. If you already have a CCMA (credit card merchant account), you can bring it with you - we support 200+ processors so there is a very good chance we support yours. Just select the NiftyPay BYO pricing plan.

Existing Equipment? Speak with one of our agents and we can check if your equipment is compatible, We also provide detailed documentation for custom integrations.

We are e-commerce experts with over 20+ years experience in e-commerce and building online stores, so we can help you grow and scale your business.
Retail & Restaurant
Whether you are a retail storefront or a restaurant, we have you covered: POS devices and SDKs to integrate existing devices.
Several customizable options exist for non-profits and charities for donation processing, including: e-commerce, electronic invoicing, payment buttons, and mobile.
We strive to be politically neutral and can assist you in processing payments for your political campaign, organization, etc
Trades & Home Services
Whether you are on the go or have office personnel that bill clients, we have solutions for you, including: mobile swipe, electronic invoicing, buy now buttons, payment links, QR codes, and more.
Professional Billing
NiftyPay's payment gateway offers flexible processing options that can be integrated into invoicing solutions with customizable webhooks to report transactions back to your integrations. Electronic Invoicing is also available as an option that can be added to your account.
Medical & Dental
Keep your medical practice running smoothly with payments in-person, online, over the phone, or through manual billing. Our strong security features and encryption capabilities will ensure you meet your obligations to safeguard patient data and comply with industry regulations.
Subscription & Membership
Membership-based businesses like gyms and subscription services rely on recurring payments that just work. NiftyPay’s flexible payment solutions let you take secure payments in-person, online or on a recurring basis so you never miss out on revenue
Business to Business (B2B)
NiftyPay offers fast, easy payment processing built for business efficiency. From electronic invoicing to Level III processing, we’re here to meet all your B2B payment needs.
Hospitality clients need the flexibility to accept a variety of international currencies and payment types, support for online and in-person transactions, and the ability to offer a smooth customer experience. NiftyPay’s feature-rich payment gateway solution can help you support you with all that and more.
NiftyPay offers a modern payment solution that allows educational institutions to accept payments across multiple campuses, collect fees or send tuition bills to students. Our payment processing, billing and hosted payment solutions are a perfect fit for the education sector.
High Risk
We have relationships with several merchant account providers that allows us to find the right fit for each business's processing needs, including high risk businesses. PLUS, if you already have a CCMA provider you still want to use, you can bring that with you - if on a supported backend platform.

Existing Merchant Account?

Already have a CCMA account? If on a supported platform, bring it with you! We support 200+ processing backends (see chart below) so it is likely your existing CCMA can be used at NiftyPay. Please see the pricing page for the "NiftyPay BYO" plan ( BYO = Bring Your Own CCMA ).

Payment Gateway Pricing

Processor Platforms Supported

Already have a CCMA account? If on a supported platform, bring it with you! 

  • Chase Paymentech Salem
  • Chase Paymentech Tampa
  • CredoRax v2
  • Elavon - EMV
  • EPX
  • Evertec
  • EVO
  • First Data Canada
  • First Data Nashville
  • First Data Nashville North V2
  • First Data Rapid Connect Cardnet North - EMV
  • First Data Rapid Connect Nashville - EMV
  • Global Payments Canada
  • Global Payments East - EMV
  • IntegraPay - Australia/New Zealand
  • MeS Trident
  • TSYS - EMV
  • Vantiv Core Host Capture - EMV
  • Vantiv Now Worldpay Core - Terminal Capture
  • Vantiv Now Worldpay eCommerce - Terminal Capture (Litle & Co.)
  • Wirecard
  • World Pay
  • World Pay Host Capture - EMV

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Use the form below to start the account setup process. We will contact you later for any additional information needed to setup your account. CCMAs (credit card merchant account) require additional banking forms which we will handle and help walk you through.