More Terminals, More Markets and More Processor Choices

Whether you need terminals for a retail store, restaurant and hospitality pay-at-table, or mobile commerce on the go, we offer the right device and solution. They all accept chip and contactless payments, and are certified with a growing number of major bank processors and acquirers.

Need to integrate payment terminals with point of sale software? It has never been easier thanks to in-person payment SDKs available for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

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Customer-Present Cloud

Customer-Present Cloud is a 100% browser-based point of sale system. It’s the absolute quickest way to integrate EMV devices, with zero operating system dependencies and no need to install software or update drivers. It’s one of our most flexible solutions because it runs via a web browser on any OS.

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Big Choice of Retail Terminals

We offer a great selection of high-quality retail payment devices and EMV payment processing. We have pre-certified the most popular payment devices with some of the largest processors and acquirers to help you speed up your integration process.

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Go Mobile and Accept Payments Anywhere

We power contactless EMV payments for merchants on the go with our turnkey mobile applications and SDKs made for Apple and Android phones and tablets.


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