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Need A Low Cost Payment Gateway Option?

Try NiftyPlay (Pay to Play)
  • No monthly minimums
  • No gateway duration contract
  • Great for small or seasonal merchants
  • Only $35 /year + CCMA costs
  • 100 free gateway transactions /month
  • Credit Card Merchant Account ( CCMA )
  • Read More
or Try NiftyPay Pro
  • No monthly minimums
  • No gateway duration contract
  • First month FREE
  • use your Credit Card Merchant Account or ours
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     See Price List for basic differences between NiftyPlay & NiftyPay Pro

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Sign Up Now
Easy Credit Card and eCheck Payment Processing For Your Online Business. Sign up here

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Why Use NiftyPay
See the many benefits of choosing NiftyPay. Why Choose Us

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Credit Card Merchant Accounts
"Free" Merchant Account with Gateway Signup, No CCMA setup fees.
Click Here for More Information

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Compatible Shopping Carts
Use AgoraCart, AgoraCart Gold, and others! See Cart List Here

1. No Hidden Fees
2. No Middleman Required
3. Month-to-Month, No Contracts
4. No Cancellation Fees (gateway only)
5. Accept Credit Cards and/or eChecks
6. Use with Unlimited Websites
7. 256bit SSL Encryption
8. Compatible with many carts
9. Auction Payments
10. Buy-Now Buttons
11. Use Perl, PHP, HTML, etc
12. Export Transaction History (CVS or XML)
  Read More Details Here!
1. Free Online Virtual Terminal
2. Free Shopping Carts Available
4. Free Secure Order Page
5. Free IP Address Blocking
6. Free Failed Order Blocking
7. Free Auction PayMe
8. Free Buy-Now Button Generators
9. Free Order Form Wizards
10. User Configurable Security
11. and more!
1. PCI-DSS Level 1 Certified / Compliant
2. User Configurable Security Features
3. IP Address Blocking
4. Failed Order Blocking
5. Random Proof of Life Keys
6. Address & PostalCode Verification
7. Reject Duplicate Orders
8. Maximum Sales Amount Limits
9. Minimum Sales Amount Limits
10. Enable/Disable Credit Cards
11. Enable/Disable Checks
12. and more!

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