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Become a provider of the best payment acceptance services on the Net. Sell NiftyPay's services on their own, or bundle them into your service package. Below you find the general rates for out two reseller programs. For more information, or to join our network of resellers, please contact us by using our Contact Page; select the reseller option from drop-down list.

Recommended For:
Resellers that want to send their customers to a custom sign-up page on our site. Billing is handled by Niftypay, and billed directly to the customer for gateway services.
NiftyPlay (pay to play)
$20.00 per year (after renewal)
NiftyPay Pro
$50.00 per new account activated w/ CCMA
$25 per anniversary (annually)
Who Bills Clients
Signup Method
Custom NiftyPay Page for Reseller
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